Monday, May 7, 2012

5 Years Old May 5th

Wow, Alyssa is 5!!!  Where is the time going?  We just celebrated Alyssa's 5th birthday on
Saturday May 5th.  She is growing up so fast!!  It seems like just yesterday that we celebrated her first birthday in our family.  She had a pink John Deere tractor birthday.  It was farm themed since she is still in love with farms, horses and cows.

She has been attending preschool this school year which is just about to wrap up on May 16th. We signed her up for kindergarten last Friday also.  Kindergarten...?   Are you serious.  Our little girl in kindergarten?   She really loves school and is already starting to read!!
Alyssa is growing up to be such an amazing little person!!!  She loves playing with her school friends, and she loves playing with her John Deere tractor that Santa had brought her for Christmas.  She has such a caring personality, and a fierce determination in everything that she does.  Life in our house is always interesting to say the least.
This past November 21st we celebrated our 3 year Gotcha Day.  We cannot believe that it had been 3 years!!! That also meant that we did our final post placement visit for Russia.  When you adopt from Russia you have certain criteria that the court requires of your family.  We had to turn reports in to them up to the 36 month anniversary of our adoption.  It is very interesting to go back and read the reports that were done by our social worker.  You can really tell how much things with Alyssa have changed.  You do not really think about it much, because you get so busy in the everyday things going on.  When we brought her home her weight and height were not even on the growth chart for American children.  Now she in the middle of the chart for the weight and height!!!  She is doing outstanding in every aspect of growth and learning according to her doctor.   We have also been told that she is very gifted in many areas of learning and memory.

We are so very humbled and grateful to the Lord for bringing this child into our family.  She is makes us so proud to be her parents!!!  We are looking forward to our first family trip to Walt Disney World this summer!!  I will post pictures after we are back!!! 
Once again I am sorry for not posting as often as I should.  I know that there are people
that still check on our blog to see how we are doing. 

Thanks for stopping by....

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